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Dual Volt Multisystem Electronics Export 220V 50HZ Appliances, Transformers and Appliance Parts


110-220 volt 50/60Hz Iron, Vaccum Cleaner, Clock Radio, Hair Dryers, Desk and Stand Fans, Ceiling fans, Humidifiers and much more small 220 volt products for export use.






220 Volt 50/60Hz Small Products - We carry Air Circulators, Air Purifiers, Battery Chargers, 50' - 100' Christmas Light, Clock Radios, Desk Lamp, Electric Insect Killers, Emergency Lights, Fans, Garage Door Openers, Generators, Hair and Beauty Care, Health Care Products, Heaters and Radiators, Humidifiers and Vaporizers, Inhalers and Nebulizers, Iron - Steam Press Iron, Light Bulbts and Bulb Holders, Mothin Detector, Night Lights, Pencil Sharpeners, Sewing Machine, Shortwave Radio, Smoke Detector, Travel Products, Vacuum Cleaners and Shampoo Polishers. We also carry 110-220Volt 50/60Hz small appliances for worldwide and universal use. You can use anywhere in the world.

220 Volt Ceiling fans, clip fans, high velocity fan, clip fan, stand fans, table fans, and wall fans in 220 volts 50hz. Compact turbo box fans are available with 2 stages of speed and 3 speed, rain proof engine, less noise, child safeguard switch and easy operation. The box fan Roll - About Stand provides an efficient way to add height and mobility to any Box fan.We carry ceiling fans with various finishing like brass, white, black, wood and with light kit and without light kits, noiseless operation, 4 blades and 5 blades, mounting blades, cane blades, smooth performance, various speed reversing, silent motor.

220 Volt Christmas lights in 220V 50Hz, Christmas light bulbs are available in blue, clear, red, yellow, multi – color, clear pearl, rice clear. Light Electric desk lamp, which is unique, affordable, high quality fully adjustable, lets you enjoy with unmatched comfort. Our desk lamps are a bright light therapy product of top quality. NO UV, diffuse light, Electronically powered - no hum, no heat, High / Low switch. We carry 240 volt screw base light bulb, which are made for overseas use. Light bulbs are available in 40watts, 60 watt, and 100watt. We carry Change push & twist type European lamp holder to fit U.S. Screw - in bulbs and Change American lamp holder to fit push & twist type overseas bulbs for Overseas use.

We carry non stick Cloth Iron 220 Volt 50Hz, soft clean Stainless steel iron, Variable steam iron, travel steam / spray iron with auto water flow, Cordless Dry Iron, Steam / spray iron, lightweight iron, compact iron. Our true dual voltage irons have stainless steel sole plate, full range thermostat, different steam settings like vertical, burst and constant. Our lightweight and compact travel irons have excellent features like Spray mist, Steam & dry, folding handle doubles as water window, overseas power adapter and handy travel bag.

220 Volt Curling iron 50Hz with various heat Settings and temperature controls for all hair types and they also have Indicator Light, Twist Handle Locking System and Heel Rest for each Attachment. Curling iron with Dual Voltage, easy One - handed Mist Activation, touch Pad Cool Tip, Automatic Shut - off, Heat Shield for Immediate Storage, out curling irons are UL Listed. Travel blow dryer has Cold Shot button. Folding hand, compact travel size, cool shot, washable filter, concentrator and diffuser.

We carry hair straighter, which straighten and smooth hair and create luscious curls, twirls or flicks, ceramic hairstyling iron features a unique built - in microprocessor, which conducts heat fast and retains it more effectively. Instant long - lasting heat for optimum styling control. Hair straighter with advanced infra - red heat actually protects your hair by sealing in its natural oils, moisture and hair colour guaranteeing you beautifully straight hair with an attractive healthy shine. Since all hair types are different, we have three different styling irons in our range. Our mini hair straighter featuring a smaller, curved barrel that’s ideal for use with short hair or by men. This versatile iron allows you to straighten hair beautifully but also provides the option of creating flicks or curls by wrapping hair around the barrel of the iron. We carry hair straighter for thicker hair, including Afro – Caribbean.

220 Volt Hair Dryer 50Hz wall mounted hair dryer, professional hair dryer, Professional Turbo Dryer, dual Volt Hair Dryer, Salon type Hair Dryer, fast Dry, Metal Travel Dryer are few models. Dryers have Hair drying hood for fast / gentle drying, various heat and speed settings, styling brush attachment, fine finishing comb attachment.  Hair dryers are available in worldwide dual voltage. Hair dryers with concentrator give direct heat to a section of hair for spot drying & quick styling. Hang up loop for easy storage and diffuser use to dry hair from the roots & to give added volume.Salon type hair dryer has hood for fast / gentle drying powerful heating system, adjustable strap, extra long cord for mobility perfect air dispersing system.

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