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Dual Volt Multisystem Electronics Export 220V 50HZ Appliances, Transformers and Appliance Parts

220 Volt Emergency Light, Christmas Light, desk lamp, 220v floor lamp, 220volt rechargeable emergency lights, motion detector, night light, light bulbs & holders.






220 Volt portable rechargeable emergency light, rechargeable fan / light, emergency Lantern with twin headlights, rechargeable flash light with krypton bulb for brighter light, emergency Lantern Bright twin fluorescent lamps for use indoors or out, rechargeable lantern with AM / FM, LCD clock, alarm and emergency functions. Our portable rechargeable emergency light has double fluorescent lamp tubes, Powerful search light, Brightness warning blinker, Built - in rechargeable battery & battery charger, automatic light - up device. Emergency lamps have CADNICA batteries, uses krypton bulb for brighter light and they are Waterproof design.

We carry Christmas lights in 220V 50Hz, Christmas light bulbs are available in blue, clear, red, yellow, multi – color, clear pearl, rice clear. The floor lamps are available with opal glass shade with a polished finish, flexible gooseneck design. Our floor lamps have convenient handle for adjusting the light to suit your needs. Floor lights steeped base has an on / off switch. We have matching desk lamps. The appealing, flexible gooseneck design of floor lamp allows you to adjust the direction of light for optimum lighting in your home or office. The shade spacer lets you safely adjust the direction of light.       

Our special 220 - 240V 50 - 60Hz Halogen Light with motion detector detects 10 meters long by 120 degree wide. Passive infra - red sensor detects thermal radiation, Built in photo sensor keeps the unit off during daylight. Motion detector has IP44 protection degree. Motion Sensor Wall or ceiling mount has weatherproof lamp holders with adjustable arms. Heavy - duty porcelain sockets, adjustable swivel. Manual override allows sensor to operate as conventional outdoor floodlight. Automatic electric photocell, allows unit to operate at night only. Time delay light control adjustment, Operated temperature: - 35C + 75C. We carry 230 volt Automatic night light. Emergency lamp has night light on / off automatically. We carry 240 volt screw base light bulb, which are made for overseas use. Light bulbs are available in 40watts, 60 watt, and 100watt. We carry Change push & twist type European lamp holder to fit U.S. Screw - in bulbs and Change American lamp holder to fit push & twist type overseas bulbs for Overseas use.

We carry 110v & 220v 50hz / 60hz dual volt consumer electronics, 110volt & 220volt 50 - hz and 60 - hz home appliances, 110 volt & 220 volt kitchen appliances for overseas worldwide use. Foreign system DVD players are also available.  We are also specialized in 230v & 240v European appliances including commercial household appliances. Appliance and electronic parts are also available in 230volt 50hz for export use. 230 volt and 240 volt small appliances and other miscellaneous home appliances are available in dual voltage. We carry large selection of electric power tools and countertop portable appliances in 240volt for overseas use. We carry in stock a large selection of appliances for Europe, Asia, Africa, and Middle East as well as for USA and for South America.

We carry following models:
Emergency Lights
Apollo 2235R, Fantastic 2268, Guardian GN14150, Sanyo NL1000N, Sanyo NL522N, Sanyo NL - F560, Sanyo NLS630N, Sunca SF238B.

Desk Lamp
General TS386.

Light Bulbs & Bulb Holders
Light Bulb 100W, Light Bulb 40W, Light Bulb 60W, Light Bulb 75W, Light Bulb 150W, Light Bulb Holder LHI, Light Bulb Holder LHU.

Motion Detector
Globe 10522, General OS32RL.

Night Lights
Universal HS13.

Christmas Lights
Christmas Light 100CGB, Christmas Light 140CGB

We carry following Brands:
Apollo, Sanyo, National, Universal, General, Globe, Light Bulb, Guardian and Fantastic.

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