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Converter FAQ's                

What kind of converter do I need for a TV or Monitor?

To connect a television to a converter you must choose a converter more powerful that what is indicated at the rear of your TV set, because it creates a surge when it is turned on.

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How to calculate the Wattage of an appliance?

If the label does not specify the wattage, but you know the Amperage (A),
you can calculate it using the following formula:
Amps (A) * voltage (V) = Watts
Example: 3 Amps * 220 volt = 660 watts
3 Amps * 110 volt = 330 watts

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What is the difference between a voltage converter and a voltage regulator?

A voltage regulator functions as a voltage converter as well as a voltage stabilizer. A voltage stabilizer will stabilize the electricity to fixed current. This unit is usually used in countries where the voltage currency is not stable.The voltage regulator will stabilize a voltage fluctuation between 75v-130v to 110v (+- 4%). The voltage regulator will stabilize a voltage fluctuation between 180v-260v to 220v (+- 4%)

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How to connect to VC model using UK, Indian or Austalian plug?

To connect your plug onto the voltage converter, you will need to purchase a GS6 plug adapter. Then connect your plug to the GS6 and connect the GS6 to the converters output voltage.

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Do voltage converters convert the cycle (Hz)?

All voltage converters only convert the voltage and not the cycle, however most appliances and electronics will function properly with them. North American 110-120 volt electricity is generated at 60 Hz. (Cycles) Alternating Current. Most foreign 220-240 volt electricity is generated at 50 Hz. (Cycles) Alternating Current. This difference in cycles may cause the motor in your 60 Hz. North American appliance to operate slightly slower when used on 50 Hz. foreign electricity. This cycle difference will also cause analog clocks and timing circuits that use Alternating Current as a timing base to keep incorrect time. Most modern electronic equipment including battery chargers, computers, printers, stereos, tape and CD players, VCR/DVD players, etc. will not be affected by the difference in cycles.

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What are the inputs/outputs on camcorders for?

VHS camcorders are the only camcorders where you can take the tape out of your camcorder and stick it directly into your VCR to watch. All the other formats require that the video be outputted from the camcorder. For example, if you had a DV camcorder and wanted to watch it on your television, you'd use the RCA outputs. You could also connect these outputs directly to your VCR and a make VHS copy. Some digital camcorders include what is called digital out or firewire out. This is a method by which a camcorder outputs its video signal digitally. When hooked up to a computer, you can download an entire day's recording onto your computer. The DV IN that some camcorders have also allow you to output from your computer digitally and record digitally onto the camcorder.

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