Question- Can window air conditioner goes through a wall ?

Answer-Depending on the thickness of your wall some air conditioners can go through your wall if they have a slide out chassis. You made need to install brackets to support it. It is important that you talk with certified HVAC experts or contact the manufacturer to see if the particular side venting window air conditioner can fit in the wall. Thru-The-Wall air conditioners are supplied with front louvers for air flow circulation. Also Thru-The-Wall air conditioner requires wall sleeve that needs to be inserted in to the wall before installing the air conditioner, where as body of window air conditioner is already enclosed inside the cabinet, therefore does not require wall sleeve. Since window air conditioners have side louvers for air flow circulations, it is better to leave some space when installing thru the wall. Do not cover side louvers of window AC. If side louvers are covered then it can impact the performance of the air-flow volume.