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Dual Volt Multisystem Electronics Export 220V 50HZ Appliances, Transformers and Appliance Parts

220 Volt Coffee Grinder 50Hz, cappuccino & espresso makers, Coffee URN & percolators, Coffee Maker for export use.






220 volt Coffee grinder, cappuccino & espresso makers, Coffee URN & percolators, Coffee maker for worldwide 220volt, 50 Hz, 110 volt 60 Hz or dual volt use. 220v coffee makers with different cup capacity, Automatic Drip Coffee Maker With Clock, Drip Stop, Permanent Filter, Flavor Selector, Deluxe Coffee for overseas use. We carry 240volt coffee grinders with excellent features like Coffee and Espresso mill, unique, adjustable precision milling system, automatic quantity selector, and adjustable fineness control: for all types of coffee and espresso, rounded coffee grind container for easy spooning. We also carry 110V 60Hz home appliances, 240v 60 Hz small appliances, and 240 volt 60Hz dual volt household appliances.

We carry 110volt cappuccino & espresso makers for the coffee connoisseurs with so many excellent features. 230v coffee makers are available in different colors and as well as in stainless steel also for foreign use. The 230volt home appliances percolators are with coffee and water boiler. Interior water level markings, Twist-lock cover to help minimize accidental spillage, Two-way dripless faucet, and Heat-resistant base, cordless for overseas use.

We carry 110v & 220v 50hz / 60hz dual volt consumer electronics, 110volt & 220volt 50- hz and 60- hz home appliances, 110 volt & 220 volt kitchen appliances for overseas worldwide use. Foreign system DVD players are also available.  We are also specialized in 230v & 240v European appliances including commercial household appliances. Appliance and electronic parts are also available in 230volt 50hz for export use. 230 volt and 240 volt small appliances and other miscellaneous home appliances are available in dual voltage. We carry large selection of electric power tools and countertop portable appliances in 240volt for overseas use. We carry in stock a large selection of appliances for Europe, Asia, Africa, and Middle East as well as for USA and for South America.

We carry the following models:
Coffee Grinders
SEVERIN 3877, MOULINEX 684, MOULINEX 843, Kenwood CG100, BRAUN KMM30, BRAUN KSM2, Moulinex Mini Blender/Grinder, Moulinex Wet & Dry Grinder, Delonghi KG59, Revel CCM101, Revel CCM101CH, Kitchen Aid 5KCG100EAC, KitchenAid 5KCG100EER, KitchenAid 5KCG100EOB, KitchenAid 5KCG100EPM.

Espresso & Cappuccino Makers
KRUPS F-661, KRUPS F866, KRUPS F871, KRUPS F874, KRUPS F880, KRUPS F905, KRUPS F968, KRUPS F978, BRAUN KFE300, AEG KFEA100, Delonghi EAM3000B, Delonghi EC9, KENWOOD ES621, Oster 3295.

Coffee Makers & Percolators
Krups 183, Krups F175, Krups F537, Krups F538, Krups F661, Hamilton Beach 1G48101, Hamilton Beach 1G48104, Oster 5654, Moulinex AAR442, Moulinex AW704C, Aroma ACU040, West Bend 58010V, West Bend 59000, REGAL 7101, Regal K7422, Braun KF37, Bunn-O-M VP17A1, Krups F2534510, Hamilton 1G47264, Hamilton 1G47261, Hamilton 1G47101, Hamilton 1G47104, Kenmore 863612, Kenmore 863602, Krups F5374210, Krups 14776, Melitta ACM10SW, Melitta ACM10SB, Oster 329712, Proctors A607A, Regal 7422, Regal K7230, Regal K7502FW, Regal K7201, Rowenta  FG400, West bend 58002, West bend 58016D, West bend 58010D, West bend 33600, West bend 59015, Windmere FC9020, Krups F1837612, Krups F5384210, AEG KFEA100, Gaggia 26001, Krups 87142, Oster 3218, Ichiban CM7110, KENWOOD CM661, Oster 3297, Saachi SA1700, Palson EX421NW , Palson EX427W, Palson EX428W, Aip BL-1102.

We carry the following brands:
Krups, Braun, West Bend, Moulinex, Severin, AEG, Kenwood, Aroma, Oster, Hamilton beach, Black & Decker, Delonghi, Rowenta, Regal, Gaggia, Windmere, Melitta, Kenmore and Gaggia.

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