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Dual Volt Multisystem Electronics Export 220V 50HZ Appliances, Transformers and Appliance Parts

220 volt Deep Fryers, Crock pots, rice cookers, tortilla makers and drink makers for export use.






220 Volt Deep fryers, drink makers, coffee maker, crock port, hand blender and much more for worldwide 220volt, 50 Hz, 110 volt 60 Hz or dual volt use. We also carry 230v can opener and Knife Sharpener which Opens All Size Cans. The European Electric Can Opener with Power Pierce, Skip Proof Feed Gear is needed for overseas use. 240 volt Tortilla makers are available with durable ergonomic press handle. Auto On/Of ready light, Compact Stand-up storage, Build-In cord wrap, and non stick surfaces. We carry deep fryers with different kg Capacity, Removable Stainless Steel Bowl, Stainless Steel Lid with Fixed Anti - Grease micro Filter, Variable Thermostat, Digital Timer, Colozone Element to keep a clean oil, Thermal Safety cut - out device. Our European use drink makers are best known for rich and creamy milkshakes, these drink mixers do smooth and delicious healthy drinks, like yogurt shakes with wheat germ and fresh fruit. It will froth eggs for fluffy omelets and blend pancake batter. We also carry 110V 60Hz home appliances, 110volt 60 Hz small appliances, and 110 volt 60Hz dual volt household machines.

We carry 110v & 220v 50hz / 60hz dual volt consumer electronics, 110volt & 220volt 50 - hz and 60 - hz home appliances, 110 volt & 220 volt kitchen appliances for overseas worldwide use. Foreign system DVD players are also available. We are also specialized in 230v & 240v European appliances including commercial household appliances. Appliance and electronic parts are also available in 230volt 50hz for export use. 230 volt and 240 volt small appliances and other miscellaneous home appliances are available in dual voltage. We carry large selection of electric power tools and countertop portable appliances in 240volt for overseas use. We carry in stock a large selection of appliances for Europe, Asia, Africa, and Middle East as well as for USA and for South America.

We carry the following models:
Deep Fryers
Oster 322355, Moulinex AA0855, Moulinex ACS841, Moulinex T43, Alpina SF4001, Delonghi F14422CZ, Delonghi F622, Ichiban DF525, Palson EX494W, Palson EX495W, Palson EX498W.

Can Openers
Oster 868023, Kenmore 862132, Moulinex A9854B, Oster 3148, Hamilton 75024220, KENMORE 0868023, Oster 3125.

Crock Pot / Slow Cookers
Rival 3355, Rival 3656, Rival 3760LD, Ichiban SCE320, Ichiban SCE655H, Rival 37401, Rival 5065, Rival 5865, Saachi SA1320.

Rice Cooker
Oster 4707, Oster 4709, Moulinex ADT541, Moulinex AEE445, Aroma ARC1033, Aroma ARC615G, National by Panasonic SR3N, National By Panasonic SRWM36, Aroma ARC1024E, Aroma ARC1033E, B&D RC10, B&D RC35, B&D RC550, B&D RC55, B&D RC300I, B&D RC400, Hitachi RWTG43W, Hitachi RZNT18Y, Kapok CFXB404, National SR818BN, National SR42HNW, National SR10, National SRW10GHXN, National SR42GHXN, National SRWM10N, National SRW22GHN, National SRW06N, National SRW06XN, National SRWM36GHN, Oster RS26G, Oster 4707, Oster RS27G, Oster 4709, Oster 4704, Panasonic SRW18PA, Panasonic SRW18HXP, Panasonic SRW06PD, Panasonic SRW06PA, Panasonic SRW06XP, Philips HD4503WG, Rival 4450, Sanyo EC188, Sanyo EC288, Sanyo EC405, Sanyo EC108, Sanyo EC408, Sharp KSH184, Black & Decker RC60, Hitachi RZ-NT18Y, Ichiban RC5400, Ichiban RCW1800, Nakada SRC26N, Nakada SRC56N, National By Panasonic SRW06XN.

Tortilla Maker
Revel CTM640, Revel CTM660, Revel CTM610.

Drink Makers
Kenwood A250 LC.

We carry the following Brands:
Oster, Hamilton beach, Black & Decker, Delonghi, Braun, Rowenta, Moulinex, Severin, Revel, Kenwood, Sanyo, Sharp, Panasonic, National, Kenmore, Aroma.

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