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Dual Volt Multisystem Electronics Export 220V 50HZ Appliances, Transformers and Appliance Parts


GSM Mobile Phones, GSM cellular Phones, Cordless phone for overseas use.






220 Volt Appliances

Export, 50hz Refrigerator, Washers & Dryers, Dishwashers, Ranges, Window & Split Air conditioners, microwave oven, Freezers.

Multisystem Electronics

110V 220V Multisystem TV, VCR, TV/VCR Combo, All regions DVD Players, PAL SECAM NTSC Television, PAL Camcorder, Dual volt Stereo.

Business / Office Products

220V/50HZ Photo Copier, Fax machine, Printers, Multifunction machines, All-in-One Printer, Fax, Scanner, Copier for export use.

Power Tools

220 Volt Drill, Cordless Drill, Saw, Grinder, Cut-off Machine, Nailer, Polisher, Trimmer and much more for overseas and export use.

Small Kitchen Appliances

Blenders, Toasters, Food processors, Kettles, Waffle makers, Sandwich makers, Mixers, Slow cookers, Grills & Griddles, Thermo pots.
Desk & Stand fans & Ceiling fans, Air cleaners, Humidifiers, Irons 220 volt vacuum cleaners, Travel appliances, Clock radios, Hair dryers.

Transformers & Voltage Converters

Auto- transformers, AC to DC Converters & AC-DC Adapters, Universal plugs, Surge protectors, power strips, Extension cords, Travel converters, Isolated transformers, Stabilizers.

GSM mobile phones unlocked - they will work with any GSM 900MHz, 1800 MHz or 1900MHz baud SIM card. GSM is a digital network in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa. All Global system of mobile communication Cellular Phones are equipped with 220 volt 240 volt battery charger adapter. The various types of GSM phones with SIM card are dual band, tri band, worldwide tri-band, world triband, digital camera, color display, voice activated, quad band, triple band, multiband, satellite, cell phone, and world phone.

We have 900MHz 2.4GHz gigarange cordless phones, corded telephones for overseas use. We carry Digital 2.4 GHz cordless with 2-line, digital answering system, many Channel, several minutes record time, Caller ID, Call Waiting, dual digital duplex speakerphone base, Voice Mail Message Indicator, Dual Keypads, Automated Attendant, and handset.

We carry 110v & 220v 50hz / 60hz dual volt consumer electronics, 110volt & 220volt 50 - hz and 60 - hz home appliances, 110 volt & 220 volt kitchen appliances for overseas worldwide use. Foreign system DVD players are also available. We are also specialized in 230v & 240v European appliances including commercial household appliances. Appliance and electronic parts are also available in 230volt 50hz for export use. 230 volt and 240 volt small appliances and other miscellaneous home appliances are available in dual voltage. We carry large selection of electric power tools and countertop portable appliances in 240volt for overseas use. We carry in stock a large selection of appliances for Europe, Asia, Africa, and Middle East as well as for USA and for South America.

We carry the following GSM Phone and Cordless phone models:

Panasonic KXTG2500S, Panasonic KXTG2570S, Panasonic KXTG2205W, Panasonic KXTG2382B, Panasonic KXTG2208B, Panasonic KXTG2215B, Panasonic KXTG2214W, Panasonic KXTG2560B, Panasonic KXTG2400B, Panasonic KXTG1000N, Panasonic KXTG1050N, Panasonic KXTG2237S, Panasonic KXTG2257S, Panasonic KXTG2700S, Panasonic KXTG2740S, Panasonic KXTG2247S, Panasonic KXTG2227S, Panasonic KXTG2248S, Panasonic KXTG2224W, Panasonic KXTG2258S, Panasonic KXTG2226BV, Panasonic KXTG2238S, Panasonic KXTG2216RV, Panasonic KXTG2730S, Panasonic KXTG2216FV, Panasonic KXTG200B, Panasonic KXTG2235B, Panasonic KXTC7453B, Panasonic KXTG2000B, Panasonic KXTG2267B, Panasonic KXTG2720S, Panasonic KXTG4000B, Panasonic KXTCM943B, Panasonic KXTC1850B, Panasonic KXTC1851B, Panasonic KXTC1743B, Panasonic KXTC1811B, Panasonic KXTC1861B, Panasonic KXTC1801B, Panasonic KXTC1401B, Panasonic KXTC1402W, Panasonic KXTC1403B, Panasonic KXTC1501B, Panasonic KXTC1501W, Panasonic KXTC1713B, Panasonic KXTC1740W, Panasonic KXTC1484B, Panasonic KXTC1451B, Panasonic KXTC1451W, Panasonic KXTC1461B, Panasonic KXTC1460, Panasonic KXTC1711B, Panasonic KXT9511BX, Panasonic KXTC1503W, Panasonic KXTC1503B, Panasonic KXTC1741B, Panasonic KXTC1731W, Panasonic KXTC1731B, Panasonic KXTC1733B, Panasonic KXTC1723B, Panasonic KXTC1870B, Panasonic KXTC1871B, Panasonic KXTC1703B, Panasonic KXTGA200B, Panasonic KXTGA400B, Panasonic KXTGA100N, Panasonic KXTGA272S, Panasonic KXTGA271V, Panasonic KXTGA270S, Panasonic KXTGA271W, Panasonic KXTC1750B, Panasonic KXTC1890B, Panasonic KXTM150B, Panasonic KXTS108W, Panasonic KXTS208W, Panasonic KXT2740, Panasonic KXT7135, Panasonic KXTC1711W, Panasonic EBGD55, Panasonic EBG520, Panasonic GD88, Panasonic GD68, Philips 625, SWBELL FF685, Samsung SGHA308, Samsung S300, Samsung SGHA408, Motorola SGHN200, Samsung SGHN620, Motorola SGHN288, Samsung SGHE700, Samsung SGHA100LITE, Samsung SGHA200, Motorola S105, Samsung V205, Samsung SGHA300, Motorola SGHN400, Samsung SGHN105, Motorola SGHR200S, Motorola SGHT100, Motorola A308, Samsung SGHN100, Samsung SGH300, Motorola R225M, Sanyo CLT36, Sanyo CLT670, Sanyo CLT103, Siemens S40, Siemens S55, Siemens A35, Siemens M55, Sanyo C35, Siemens 242B, Sony CMDCD5, Sony CD5, Sony ITA555, T Mobil, TCARD, Ericsson, CARD, Each, 279350A, Motorola V878, Motorola V750, Motorola V690, Motorola V525, Motorola V400, Motorola C350, Motorola 388c, Motorola V600, Motorola V70, Motorola Accompli 009, Motorola Accompli 008, Motorola A388, Motorola V101, Motorola V66, Motorola V60i, Motorola V60G, Motorola Timeport T280, Motorola Timeport T260, Motorola Timeport 250, Motorola Timeport T180, Motorola Timeport P7389, Motorola Timeport L7089, Motorola 3788, Motorola 3588, Ericsson P900, Ericsson T310, Ericsson T610, Ericsson T630, Ericsson Z200, Ericsson Z600, Ericsson P800, Ericsson R520, Ericsson T600, Ericsson T300, Ericsson T226, Ericsson T200, Ericsson T68i, Ericsson T68, Ericsson T66, Ericsson T39, Ericsson I888
Trisonic TS206 phone jack, Sevensta 5244, UKIB, Sevensta AU4, OB OBHUNGARY, Laptop OBJAPAN, Laptop OBNIGERIA, Esaw 5022, Esaw 5020, Esaw 5021, Esaw 5030, Laptop IBHOLLAND, Kenwood ED638, Kenwood ED658, MCE MCE7716, Mitsubis MT342, Motorola T180, Motorola T191, Motorola T192, Motorola C330, Motorola C350, Motorola 6200, Motorola C300, Motorola T720, Motorola T2988, Motorola E360, Motorola 6395, AudioVox GDX325, AudioVox GDX300, Motorola V2288, MotorolaAM3180, MotorolaM3180, Motorola M3188, Motorola8E0947AB3L2, Motorola M3888, Motorola M6088, Motorola I30, Motorola130, Motorola SE0004BB1B1, Motorola 70, Motorola S6841BAB, Motorola 328, Motorola SE0531AB1B5, Motorola SE0850AB1L2, Motorola S6841AAB, Motorola S5776EBP, Motorola S8027ABB, MotorolaSE1907AB1B7, Motorola L7089, Motorola P7389, Motorola P7689, Motorola T250, Motorola T260, Motorola T280, Motorola SE1065AM2E1, Motorola V66, Motorola V66I, Motorola V60, Motorola V60I, Motorola V70, Motorola SE2629AQ3E1, Motorola SE2366AD3B7, Motorola V50, Motorola V3690, Motorola SE1679AB1K3, Motorola SE1496AR3F3, Motorola SE1578AR3F3, Motorola M3588, Motorola M3788, Motorola 8700, Motorola 8200, Motorola M3288, Motorola T2288, Nokia 00264, Nokia 90597, Nokia 22721, Nokia 32521, Nokia 6150, Nokia 3110, Nokia 6220, Nokia 6100, Nokia 5110, Nokia 3210, Nokia 7110, Nokia 3330, Nokia 9210, Nokia 7650, Nokia 6310I, Nokia 3650, Nokia 7210N, Nokia 7250, Nokia 7250I, Nokia 5510, Nokia 3310, Nokia 3315, Nokia 6800, Nokia 2100N, Nokia 3100, Nokia 6610, Nokia 8210, Nokia 8250, Nokia 3350, Nokia 8310, Nokia 8890, Nokia 00265, Nokia 01129, Nokia 01231, Panasonic KXTS21W, Panasonic KXT61610, Panasonic KXT6150, Panasonic KXTC1000B, Panasonic KXTG232W, Panasonic KXTG2500B, Panasonic KXTG2670, Panasonic KXTG2593B, Panasonic KXTG2550B, Panasonic KXTG2550S, Panasonic KXTG2550F, Ericsson A3618, Motorola C116, Motorola C117, Motorola C380, Motorola L7, Motorola V180, Motorola V220, Motorola V3, Motorola V3-Pink, Motorola V500, Motorola V550, Nokia 2650, Nokia 6170, Nokia 8800, Nokia N70, Nokia N90, Panasonic P342i,
Samsung SGHE330N, Samsung SGHE350, Samsung SGHX480, Samsung SGHX640.

We carry the following Brands
Panasonic, Nokia, Motorola, AudioVox, Mitsubis, Ericsson, Siemens, Kenwood and Samsung.

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