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Dual Volt Multisystem Electronics Export 220V 50HZ Appliances, Transformers and Appliance Parts


Multisystem TV, 220 Volt Multisystem TV, PAL, SECAM, NTSC, Multisystem TV VCR combo in 110 V to 220V - 50Hz and 60Hz for worldwide Export use.






220 Volt Appliances

Export, 50hz Refrigerator, Washers & Dryers, Dishwashers, Ranges, Window & Split Air conditioners, microwave oven, Freezers.

Multisystem Electronics

110V 220V Multisystem TV, VCR, TV/VCR Combo, All regions DVD Players, PAL SECAM NTSC Television, PAL Camcorder, Dual volt Stereo.

Business / Office Products

220V/50HZ Photo Copier, Fax machine, Printers, Multifunction machines, All-in-One Printer, Fax, Scanner, Copier for export use.

Power Tools

220 Volt Drill, Cordless Drill, Saw, Grinder, Cut-off Machine, Nailer, Polisher, Trimmer and much more for overseas and export use.

Small Kitchen Appliances

Blenders, Toasters, Food processors, Kettles, Waffle makers, Sandwich makers, Mixers, Slow cookers, Grills & Griddles, Thermo pots.
Desk & Stand fans & Ceiling fans, Air cleaners, Humidifiers, Irons 220 volt vacuum cleaners, Travel appliances, Clock radios, Hair dryers.

Transformers & Voltage Converters

Auto- transformers, AC to DC Converters & AC-DC Adapters, Universal plugs, Surge protectors, power strips, Extension cords, Travel converters, Isolated transformers, Stabilizers.

Multisystem TV are intended for international use, and are compatible with world's all systems and voltages 110 vot 220 volt. The Multisystem televisions are for overseas use and can operate in dual voltage 110V 220V and 50Hz 60Hz. Multisystem TVs will allow watchers to view broadcasts and recordings of various formats. These televisions can be operated in USA, Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East. Viewers must have a Multisystem TV as well as a Multisystem VCR in order to view all standards of tapes (PAL-SECAM-NTSC). A Multisystem Converter or a Converter VCR Combo is required to convert from one standard to another.

We carry all sizes of Multi format TVs like 14", 21", 25", 29", 32", 34", 41", 48", 50", 53", 55", 60", and 61". We also have various kinds of color, Super Flat, large big screen, Flat look, True flat, High definition, plasma, HDTV and projection 110 220 TV's. We have Multistandard TV with dual speaker and remote control system.
We have all kinds of travel electronics and audio visual equipments in 100v, 100 volt, 200V, 200 volt, 220v, 220 volt, 230v, 230 volt, 120v 120 volt, 110v, 110 volt, 240v and 240 volt for use in foreign countries. We have Multiformat TV/VCR combo units and multi-system TV VCR DVD combination units. We also carry Multi standard LCD Screens for better viewing. We have multi zone televisions with the following configuration:

We carry the following models:
Panasonic TC-29PS70R, Panasonic TC-29P80R, Panasonic TC-25P80R, Panasonic TC-21PM10, Panasonic TC-25P22R, Panasonic TC-21S80RS, Panasonic TC-14S80R2, Panasonic TC14Z88R, Panasonic TC21Z88R, Panasonic TC25P90R, Panasonic TC-2119 Sony KP-ES61MN1, Sony KP-ES48MN1, Sony KP-ES43MN1, Sony kv-ER43M61, Sony KV-36FS76, Sony KV-DR34M69, Sony KV-AR34M66, Sony KV-ES34M61, Sony KV-DR29M69, Sony KV-AR29M66, Sony KV-XR29M50, Sony KV-XR29M61, Sony KV-XJ29M61, Sony KV-XA21M61, Sony AR21M61, Sony HW21M50, Sony XR29, Sony KV-XR34, Sony KV-XA25M80, Sony KV-XF21M80, Sony WEGA KT-G21M61 Sony KP-FX43M61, Sony KP-FX53M61, Sony KV-29FC60, Sony KV-29FX30, Sony KV-29FX65, Sony KV-29FX66, Sony KV-29LS35, Sony KV-29LS60, Sony KV-32FX60, Sony KV-32FX65, Sony KV-32FX66, Sony KV-32LS60, Sony KV-AR25M61, Sony KV-AR29M60, Sony KV-EF29M61, Sony KV-ES29M61, Sony KV-ES38M61, Sony KV-EX34M69, Sony KV-HS38M61, Sony KV-PF14M40, Sony KV-PF14M70, Sony KV-PF14P70, Sony KV-TG21M61, Sony KV-XA25M61, Sony KV-XA29M61, Sony KV-XA34M66, Sony KV-XF34M66, Sony KV-XJ29M50 Sampo SME-34WHD5, Sampo SME-32DL5, Sampo SME-27FDL5, Sampo SME-27HD5, Sampo LME-17S1 JVC AVA14M3, Hitachi C1478FN, Sony KVPF14M70, Panasonic TC 14KM30R, JVC AVA21M3, Hitachi C21F200, Hitachi C21RF39 Sony KVTG21M61, Panasonic TC2119R, Sony WEGAKVTF21M61, Hitachi C25RF35S, Hitachi C25TF300S, Mitsubishi CT25GL1, Sony KVAR25M61, Sony KVXF25M50, Zenith SAY2653BT, Panasonic TC25P80R Sharp 29KN1S, JVC AV29LX, JVC AVF29MX3, Hitachi C29F300, Hitachi C29R30SP, Sony KVE29MF1, Sony KVXG29M61, Sony KVXJ29M50, Zenith SAR2953BT7, Panasonic TC29P80R, Toshiba 34VF6C, JVC AV34LXU, SONY KVAR34M66, Sony KVXA34M66 Hitachi C29-F300, Hitachi C29-TF750, Hitachi C25-F100, Hitachi C25TF330S, Hitachi C21-F200S, Hitachi C21-TF200A, Hitachi C29-R30, Hitachi C29-R20, Hitachi C50-FD2000, Hitachi C5078FSP, Hitachi C50-F550P, Hitachi C57-WD5000, Hitachi C-3390FSP, Hitachi C25-RF35S, Hitachi CMT-2578, Hitachi C21-RF56S, Hitachi C-21FL21F, Hitachi C-21FL20, Hitachi CPT-1479, Hitachi C21RF39S, Hitachi C21TF330S, Hitachi C50F200, Hitachi C1478FN, Hitachi C25-TF300 Mitsubishi Wide Diva CT-32AW1
JVC AV-34LX, JVC AV-29RX, JVC AV-F29MX3U, JVC AV-A21M3U, JVC AV-A14M3, JVC AV-29RXU, JVC AV14FMG3B, JVC AV-A21M3, JVC AV-34LXU, Pioneer PDP-502MX 50(NTSC only) Pioneer PDP-V402 40" Toshiba 61D9UXE Toshiba 21V2M Toshiba 14A3M Toshiba 14A3MJ Toshiba 29A3E Zenith 29" PAL-M, PAL-N, NTSC Stereo TV Aiwa VX-T2170 Aiwa VX-T1470 Philips 55PP9501,Philips 8771/56,Philips 1565/56,Philips 1565/56 Sansui SV-M2910R, Sansui SV-M2510R, Fujitsu PDS-4209, Fujitsu PDS-4221, Sony KV-VF21M40, Sony KV-VF14M40 Aiwa VX-T2170, Aiwa VX-T1470, Toshiba VTV21FL3K, Sharp VTG21, Sharp VTG14, Panasonic TC-29GV12, JVC AV14AG14, Hitachi C21F800S, Hitachi C21RF80S, JVC AV21TG14, Panasonic TC21PM10, Sony KVBZ21M40, Sony KVSW21M50, Sony KVSW25M61, Hitachi C29F800, Hitachi C29RF80S, Hitachi C29TF751, Panasonic TC29FJ20, Sony KV29FX66, Sony KVSW292M50, Sony KVSW292M61, Sony KVSW29M61, Sony KVAR34M80, Sony KVSW34M61, Toshiba 34SZ8UE, Hitachi 26LD8000TA, Hitachi 32LD380, Hitachi 32LD7800TA, Hitachi 37LD8800TA, Hitachi 42PD380, Hitachi C20LC800, Sony KLVS26A10, Toshiba 20CL7, Toshiba 37WL55E, Toshiba 42WL55E, Toshiba 42WP48, Female Connector F1, Male Connector M1,
Hitachi C50FD8000, Aiwa VXT1470, Hitachi C29-TF751S, Panasonic TC14Z88RQ, Panasonic TC29-PS60R, Sharp VT-21DV30S, Sony KVBT212M40, Sony KVBZ212M50, Sony KVVF21M77, Hitachi 37LD9000TA, Hitachi 42PD8900TA, Hitachi 42PD9500TA, Hitachi 55PD8800TA, Hitachi C15LC880, Sony B15G10, Sony KLV26S200, Sony KLV32S200, Toshiba 15CL7.

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