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Multisystem TV - FAQ's

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Multisystem TV - A television capable of receiving and displaying a variety of video standards - like PAL, SECAM and NTSC.

Video Converter - A device which converts one video standard into another one, such as from PAL to NTSC. Some multisystem VCRs have a built-in converter and some do not.

Will multisystem TVs work anywhere in the world?

You'll be able to operate a multisystem TV in 99% of the world. Their dual voltage design allows them to be plugged into either a 110 voltage source or a 220 voltage source. In some cases, the plug on the television will not fit your country's outlet, so an inexpensive plug-adapter will be needed. They can generally be picked up at an electronics store for $1.95.

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What areas of the world will a typical multisystem TV not work?

France, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay use very rare video systems which require very special types of televisions. France broadcasts in SECAM-L and the only television available in SECAM-L is the Grundig 15". Brazil, Uruguay, and Paraguay broadcast in PAL-M and PAL-N and the only television available that uses these systems is the Zenith 29".

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How are your televisions delivered?

Television which are smaller than 29" will be shipped by UPS. In certain cases when a television is too heavy, it may be shipped via freight even though it's less than 29". Televisions which are 29" or larger are always shipped by freight.

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Which televisions are stereo?

Multisystem televisions which are smaller than 29" are generally monophonic only. Most televisions 29" or larger have stereo sound. Please inquire before purchasing regarding a television's ability to output stereo sound or not.

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Why are multisystem TVs different sizes than regular American TVs?

Multisystem televisions are generally intended for the overseas market where they use a different method of measuring their TVs. In North America, the measurement is only the visible part of the television tube. The casing of televisions generally cover a small portion of the tube. With multisystem TVs, the measurement covers the entire tube including the area covered by the televisions casing. So even though a multisystem television and an American television look the same size, the specifications may indicate that the screen on the multisystem TV is larger. Also, standard television screen measurement is done diagonally from the upper left corner to the lower right corner.

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