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HealthyAire/ Multistar® HA-987

220-240V/50Hz, Natural ecotypic commercial air purifier, Manual environment, Applicable for area: 60m2(646 sq.ft), Noise level: 45db, OPTIONAL – HAP987—HEPA Filter, HAC987- Activated carbon & photo Catalyst.
* Aluminum static plasma filter: Its purification for dust is more than 99.9%.
* HEPA: Absorbs particulate down to 0.0001mm like pollen, drifting dust and germs with purification efficiency of more than 99.9%.
* Activated carbon: Catalyze and decompose the harmful gas like formaldehyde, H2S, NH3 efficiently.
* Photo Catalyst: Restrain the activation of the virus effectively.
* UV light: The sterilization rate is more than 97.6%
* Ion: More than 8 million negative ions are generated per second makes you a fresh environment equal to 15000 square meters of forest.
Technical innovation
* Aluminium electric static plasma filter: Adopt the gas and dust ionization technology to make up a static electric field. With the honeycomb type of aluminium filter. The area of 7500 square centimeters ensures the high efficience to absorb dust. It is 6 to 8 times more than common ones. Adding washable characteristic, it extends the longevity of HEPA.
* Ion: There are 4 carbon fibre heads to generate ions in order to ensure high density of ions continuously.
* UV light: Its wave length is 254nm which can kill bacterial effectively with longevity up to 3000 hours.
* HEPA: It is made of the new PP raw material and static fibre glass with the theine distillate which can restrain the allergen and bacterial on the filter.
* Photo catalyst: It is made of semiconductor Tio2 which can oxidate the red cell of the bacterial so it can restrain the activity of the bacterial.
* Activated carbon: It is biosynthesized from the walnut shell. The adsorption area of the activated carbon in the unit is more than 650000 square meters.
Humanistic technology
* Filters cabinet: The static plasma, HEPA, activated carbon and photo catalyst filters are all in a cabinet which makes it easy to install, replace or clean the filters.
* Pollution sensor: There are odor sensor in the unit which can detect all kinds of pollution in the air to control the working status of the unit.
* Purification LED: It shows you the pollution of the air according to the color of the LED: RED/YELLOW/GREEN.
* The longevity of the filter is twice or treble than normal: It is improved that the electric static plasma can reduce the particulates in the air up to 99% so that it extends the longevity of HEPA and activated carbon filters.
* Auto alarm: There are HEPA replacement, electric static plasma cleaning and UV replacement alarm/LED.
* Auto mode: It is controlled by the in-built Samsung IC to set MANUAL/AUTO/TIMER/ AIR SENSOR mode.
* With ON/OFF music settings and LED color screen technology.

Product Specification:
Unit Dimension: 22.8”H x 14.8”W x 9.2”D
Unit Weight: 19Lb.
Capacity: 646 sq.ft
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