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Dual Volt Multisystem Electronics Export 220V 50HZ Appliances, Transformers and Appliance Parts

Step Up Converter 110 volt to 220 volt voltage transformers and dual volt 220v AC TO DC converters and power down converter.  Travel converters for 110v to 220volt.






220 Volt Appliances

Export, 50hz Refrigerator, Washers & Dryers, Dishwashers, Ranges, Window & Split Air conditioners, microwave oven, Freezers.

Multisystem Electronics

110V 220V Multisystem TV, VCR, TV/VCR Combo, All regions DVD Players, PAL SECAM NTSC Television, PAL Camcorder, Dual volt Stereo.

Business / Office Products

220V/50HZ Photo Copier, Fax machine, Printers, Multifunction machines, All-in-One Printer, Fax, Scanner, Copier for export use.

Power Tools

220 Volt Drill, Cordless Drill, Saw, Grinder, Cut-off Machine, Nailer, Polisher, Trimmer and much more for overseas and export use.

Small Kitchen Appliances

Blenders, Toasters, Food processors, Kettles, Waffle makers, Sandwich makers, Mixers, Slow cookers, Grills & Griddles, Thermo pots.
Desk & Stand fans & Ceiling fans, Air cleaners, Humidifiers, Irons 220 volt vacuum cleaners, Travel appliances, Clock radios, Hair dryers.

Transformers & Voltage Converters

Auto- transformers, AC to DC Converters & AC-DC Adapters, Universal plugs, Surge protectors, power strips, Extension cords, Travel converters, Isolated transformers, Stabilizers.
Heavy - duty grounded Stepup transformers & Stepdown autotransformers, Automatic voltage regulators, Voltage AC TO DC Converters and DC TO AC inverters for Travel use. Travel plug adapters, Telephone jacks and phone jacks for various countries. We are specialized providing international plugs, receptacles, cord sets, power strips and related wiring and OEM parts for export and for around the world. Products are manufactured in accordance to the requirements of international standards and testing agencies including UL, CSA, VDE, BSI, KEMA and others. We also carry 110V, 110 volt, 110volt, 120volt, 120 volt, 120v, 220v and 220 volt, 240v, 240 volt, 220volt and 240volt voltage regulators, stabilizers and line conditioners and isolation transformers. We also carry 100volt, 100 - volt and 100v step - up and step - down transformers for Japan.

International Transformers, voltage converters, various power cords and plug adapter, 5 to 6 outlet surge - protectors are available for International travel use. Telephone jacks are also available for Europe, Asia, New Zealand, U.K., London, Norway, Singapore, India, Russia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Middle East, Bangladesh, Africa and many other worldwide countries. We also carry cord set, power cord, grounded plugs and receptacles, outlet, ‘Shuko’, universal, 220V - 240V, 220 volt, 220volt universal converter, adapter, receptacles. European plugs, outlets, connectors, outlet strips, cord sets  IEC 60320 (320) outlets, plugs, connectors, power supply cords IEC 60309 (309)  - CEE 17 connectors, inlets, outlets, plugs  International rewireable plugs (plug caps), outlets (receptacles, sockets), connectors, multiple outlet strips (power bars), international cord sets Specializes in providing high quality European cord sets, jumper cords, adapters Schuko cords, sockets, outlet strips, plugs, connectors and related electrical wiring devices to original equipment manufacturers (O.E.M.) that export their products around the world.

We carry the following models:
PI150 – Inverter, PI1500 – Inverter, PVINT125  - Tripp - Lite,
PI - 1500watts, PI - 150watts, PI - 300watts, PI - 2500watts, PI - 800wattsTRIPPLITE APSINT1012, TRIPPLITE APSINT1524, TRIPPLITE APSINT2012, TRIPPLITE APSINT2424, TRIPPLITE APSINT3636VR, TRIPPLITE APSINT512, TRIPPLITE APSINT612, Tripplite PVINT375, Sevenstar MW1P045FK, Seven Star ACT90S, Sevensta      r SS104, Citizen BA6013, Pyramid PS3KX, Tripplite PR10INT, Tripplite PR15INT, Franzus M1600, Franzus M1750, Franzus TS2000, Franzus F11, Franzus FR22, Franzus M500E,  Franzus PS2000, Franzus PS200, Franzus TS237, General F200W, General MA1000F, General EU1250NL, General ACTAS3N, General ACE455, IPX SNY3800R, IPX SNY3500R, IPX SNY4800R, PHC EU950PL, PHC EU950NL, General ACE30L, IPX D1085SGA, IPX SNY4500, IPX SAN6800R3, IPX D7500, IPX D9500NL, IPX EU1314J, IPX PV1085SNT, JB SNY1500, Panasonic SS6V, Sima SPV1, Seven Star SS204, Sevenstar SS207, Seven Star SS212,  Sevenstar SS209, Seven Star FS11, Sevenstar SS215, Seven Star SS201, Sevenstar SS206, Seven Star SS214, Sevenstar SS202, Seven Star SS213, Sevenstar SS107, Seven Star KA22, Sevenstar SS105, Seven Star SS900, Sevenstar SPP8828, Seven Star SS102, Sevenstar SS112, Seven Star SS103, Sevenstar KA1, Seven Star KXA20, Sevenstar KXA15, Seven Star KXA10, Sevenstar SPP1000, Seven Star SS107S, Sevenstar SS218, Seven Star SS222, Sevenstar SS146, Seven Star TC1600, Texas Instrument AC9175,  Travel Art TA550, Universal MW69, Universal MR500B, Conair TK100CS, Franzus FR1750E, IPX INV120, Sevenstar PI2500, Tripplite PV1800HF, Tripplite PVINT125

We carry the following brands:
Tripplite, Seven star, APC, Franzus and IPX.

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